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We specialize in helping buyers and sellers in the automotive industry navigate the complex process of buying and selling businesses. As your business brokerage, our goal is to provide you with the expertise, guidance, and support you need to achieve a successful transaction.


As a buyer, we know that finding the right body shop or collision center can be a daunting task. You want to ensure that you are making a sound investment and that the business you are buying has a solid reputation and a loyal customer base. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, identify potential businesses that meet your criteria, and assist you through the due diligence process.


As a seller, we understand that you have put a lot of time and effort into building your body shop or collision center. You have a unique business with its own set of challenges and opportunities. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your business before we start the selling process. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your business, identify potential buyers, and help you determine a fair market price.

Lyndon Todd

Your Auto Repair Business Broker and Commercial Realtor

Born in Detroit Michigan – The Motor City. While in High School my family relocated to Tennessee. After Graduation I enlisted in The United States Air Force and worked as an Aircraft Mechanic. I was Honorably Discharged and entered into the civilian workforce. Starting off my civilian career I worked for The Norton Abrasive Company as a Manufacture Representative, followed by The Sherwin Williams Company as a Manufacture Representative and a Branch Manager in Miami Florida.

Wanting a taste of the American Dream, I decided to work for myself and became an independent operator of a distribution company servicing the Automotive Industry. The freedom of being my own boss and the desire to help my clients were two benefits that would carry on throughout my career.
After being an independent distributor I was asked by two longtime friends to enter into the Auto Repair Shop industry. Joining their management team we quickly became the second highest producing shop in the U.S. at the time. After several years of working at the highest levels with this dealership “Dream Team”, we had the opportunity of a lifetime. For a decade we owned and operated one of the highest grossing independent Auto Repair Shops in the state of Florida.

Upon retiring from the automotive field, but still wanting to help others, I acquired a Florida Real Estate License and became an Auto Repair Business Broker and Commercial Realtor. “I’m truly happy with this next evolution in my career and for the chance to help clients obtain the property of their dreams.”


Lyndon Todd’s experience in the commercial real estate industry extends beyond just being a Realtor and Business Broker. He has worked with a diverse range of clients, from first-time business buyers to seasoned investors looking to expand their portfolios.

Lyndon has also developed a deep understanding of the local real estate market. He knows the ins and outs of the industry and can provide valuable insights into the current market trends, property values, and other factors that can affect your buying or selling decisions.